First night in the coop

Posing for the hipstamatic

Last night, Cynthia and the kids picked up the chickens one by one and put them in the new coop. After watching them freak out a bit, Cynthia herded them into the roosting box, and they all four stuck their heads out of the chicken door, craning around the jamb, but unwilling to go down the plank. I guess they slept okay.

The dog was out at the coop with me, so I might as well post a pic of her as well.

In the morning we watched them emerge. The first one attempted to fly out, but slammed right into the people door and fell to the ground. The next two tumbled down the plank clumsily, and the last gracefully fluttered to the floor.
I’m planning to put a sitting area in front of the coop. Oh yeah, this is the life.

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