If this coop is rockin’ …

They're not laying yet, but they sure are growing.

All’s well in chickendom. The hens seem to be enjoying the coop, and nothing has gone wrong so far, so I guess we’re in good shape. I can’t wait to eat some eggs! I finally got the garage back in order and even did some carving this weekend. Someday I’ll post about my on-again, off-again fascination with the game of chess, but for now it is suffice to say I’m more interested in the shapes and forms of the pieces than I am in studying the strategies and tactics of positional play. (I’m pretty terrible at the game.)

For the past 30 months or so, I’ve been carving a chess set of my own design out of walnut and hard maple. I’ll post some pictures of the pieces in another entry someday, but here’s a pic of the white king I carved on Saturday.

Two kings

At this rate, I should be ready to play Charlie with this set by the time he finishes graduate school.

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