Soph and Dad go to the show


Since Cynthia works at KLRU, Austin’s PBS station, she sometimes gets tickets to Austin City Limits tapings. So far this year, she and I have seen Gillian Welch, The Decemberists, and Arcade Fire. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I like this perk.

Imagine my glee a couple of weeks ago when she told me she would be receiving tickets to the Wilco taping on Nov. 30. Oh yeah, folks. It’s the fast lane for the Nelsons.

Long story short, she couldn’t get a sitter, so I invited Sophia to go. Instant hero!!!

I didn’t know how cool it would be, what a night to remember. We held hands and I watched her eyes scan the downtown lights and posh storefront windows at night as we walked five blocks to the new location, Moody Theatre, at the W Hotel.



The show was great. We couldn’t take our eyes off Nels Cline, the lead guitarist who is totally sick, and when we did manage to pull our gaze, we were glued to the drummer, who is almost equally as sick.

They played for more than two hours, and guess who joined the band for the final song of the encore? Nick Lowe!


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