Checking in with the chickens

It’s almost Christmas, and Nelsons are enjoying a rather damp December. The unofficial rain-gage-in-the-garden total for the month stands at 3.75 inches, more than we’ve seen since at least mid-April, not that anything much is living to soak it up. It just stands in puddles in the backyard.

Cynthia’s mom, Anita asked us to take some pics of the chicks, so here goes. You know, they’re looking healthy, happy, and somewhat suspicious of the camera, but these critters have yet to learn that the rent ain’t free. Something’s going in my skillet and soon. Start layin’ or start prayin’.

This is Apple.
This is Apple. Soph says she’s a Wellsummer.
Ginger or Prim
And this is either Ginger or Prim. They are Americanas, I think.

Ginger and Prim.
Bellatrix LaBraaaak. She an Australorp. According to Cynthia, this is the official chicken of Australia. Crikey!
Apple is a pretty girl.

Here’s the three-stage compost bin I made out of the chicken efficiency apartment we built before coop construction began.

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