Egg-static. Egg-static, I tell ya!

Here’s what they look like.

Yes indeed, we’ve got eggs, eggs of three colors, and all looking great and tasting better. I think at this point it’s safe to say that at least three hens are laying, and probably four. Bellatrix, the Black Australorp, lays the light brown eggs. She was the first to lay, and so far, she lays almost every day. The two Ameraucanas lay the blue eggs, and Apple, which is supposedly a Welsummer, lays the white eggs. She laid her first today. Don’t hold me to any of this, because everything I find online says Welsummers should lay brown eggs, but, hey, what do I know?

And here’s what they look like fried. Oh yeah. That right there is about $265 worth of eggs, considering the production costs.

3 thoughts on “Egg-static. Egg-static, I tell ya!

  1. UPDATE: So it appears I was incorrect on two bits of information in the post. First, the “white” egg is really a lighter shade of blue, making it the egg of one of the Ameraucanas. Of the brown eggs, there are two varieties: speckled and nonspeckled. The Australorp lays the nonspeckled and the Welsummer lays the speckled. The good news is we now have confirmation that all four are laying. Happy day!

  2. I am here to say that I think that my dad has a problem with spelling Austrol- wait… dang’it
    neither can I.

  3. Wait, the last post, was WRONG. He spelled Australorp correctly, but Americana wrong and wellsummer chicken wrong, and I can’t spell wellsummer right either, so…

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