Sophia plays some chamber music

This summer, Sophie’s big camp experience was I think somewhat transformational. She attended the Austin Chamber Music Camp, put on each summer during the Austin Chamber Music Festival. You can like the Austin Chamber Music Center here:

They bring excellent groups to town performing wonderful programs, and I’ve really got to get out more and see performances like this.

For weeks leading up to the camp, Soph would roll her eyes and say, “Joseph (her violin teacher) and Dad are making me go to this stupid camp and I like totally like don’t like want like to like go, like you know?” But after her first day at camp, she said we like totally have to do this camp again next year. And she wants to go to Interlochen, by the way.

They worked in small groups on assigned music every day in preparation for a concert on July 27, but they had lots of time during the day to improvise in groups, or take percussion classes. And of course, she met a great group of orch dorks, all quirky and cool and confident. Soph was younger than most of the people she hung out with, but they were kind and encouraging.

Also each day she observed performances, either by faculty at the camp or by professional chamber ensembles in town to play the concurring festival. Then they received discounted tickets for the festival shows. On Friday, July 26, Sophia and I got to see the Miro Quartet, and they were phenomenal. It was a truly excellent performance. They introduced me to one of Puccini’s only string quartets, Crisantemi. So beautiful.

Soph ditched me to hang with her orch dork buddies after the first half of the concert, but I didn’t mind. It was nice to see her enjoying herself. She’s 13 now, and becoming such a lovely young lady, as you’ll see in these videos of her performances at the ACMC finale concert.

In the first video, her trio plays the second movement of the Haydn Divertimento No. 2 in A minor for two violins and cello. In the second, her quartet plays the first two movements of the Mozart String Quartet in G Major. Hope you like them!

ACMC2013v1 from Jonathan Nelson on Vimeo.

ACMC2013v2 from Jonathan Nelson on Vimeo.

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