April and iris blossoms

April is always a strange and wonderful time for me. Plants awaken in their turn and snails wash over the garden like a devouring wave each morning. Birds prance and preen for one another and flit about with wild abandon, but I dare not leave my car in the driveway for more than a minute or it’s back to the car wash I go. The trees push out their leaves and the neighborhood becomes green again, but the yellow film coating every surface is also the cause of my dull headache, postnasal drip, and general lethargy.

And then there are the iris blooms. They are the first flowers in my garden to offer a substantial bloom each year, and they are so full and delicate. Iris are perhaps my favorite flowers of April. This year, we have a beautiful little stand at the foot of the drive. Took some pics this morning with my prime 50 mm. Lovely.





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