Daytripping with the folks: Lockhart, Texas

Mom and Dad journeyed to Austin for Cynthia’s birthday this year. We were scheduled to attend a soccer match in San Antonio on Sunday the 12th, but alas just as we had emerged from the density of downtown Austin and made it to William Cannon Drive, we received notice that rain or the threat of rain had precipitated a cancellation. Drat!

We pointed the car to the Southeast and set our navigation system to barbecue. We first figuratively and then quite literally followed our noses to Black’s. It was frankly a dump, but hey, the meat was excellent and the experience was terrific. After 20 years in Austin, it was about time we’d made a trip to the barbecue capital of Texas, Lockhart.

One thought on “Daytripping with the folks: Lockhart, Texas

  1. It was a fun day with the Jonathan Nelsons and a special treat to share the day with the “birthday girl”. Thanks for the memories and sharing with us. Love you all.

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