My little squirrel is 15 years old

In honor of Sophia Helene Nelson, as of late A.K.A. “the red-headed violin player,” and her dear, beautiful, and wise mother who … well, you know … I present a WordPress Photo Gallery Experience. Happy Soph’s Birthday to us all!

5 thoughts on “My little squirrel is 15 years old

  1. What a testament to a wonderful Dad/Daughter relationship! So proud of you both – sail on! Love, GMC

  2. This is awesome and beautiful. You guys are very fortunate to have such an awesome daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Some children have the ability to convert the love they receive directly into the beauty we call their life song. In our family it occurs quite frequently because the roots go deep and the branches are strong. No greater fruit has that tree than that of the long branch we know now as ‘Nelson’. I am blessed to be part of those roots. Learn, grow, and share your song with the world. We will never grow tired of listening because you are family and because your song is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for posting the pics. They are wonderful. 15 yrs. old. How did that happen so quickly. Quite a young lady. We are very proud grandparents. Love u all. Dad

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