Charlie turns 13. Crikey! I only have teenagers. :/

So, yeah. This is totally happening. My little fella; my buddy; my partner; my Big Guy; my CB (for Chucky Boy); my inquisitive, fearless, survivalist, dedicated, hard-working, persistent, funny, hyper-cool little man is actually entering that phase of life in which he really does become a man.

When I went through my pics of Charlie and of all the things we’ve done together as a family of four, I realized something: I need to keep saying yes. It’s so easy to say no, we’re too busy; no, we can’t afford that; no, I’m tired. But look at all of these adventures. They only come to us when we say yes.

So here’s to Charlie, who planned a trip to Vail, and here’s to us for saying yes. Happy birthday, CB!

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